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Eye care

ROOPAM SPECTS WORLD's Eye examinations are an important part of health maintenance for everyone. Adults should have their eyes tested to keep their prescriptions up-to-date and to check for early signs of eye disease. Check Yearly, See clearly. Eye exams for children play an important role in ensuring normal vision development and academic achievement of all kids. Vision is closely linked to the learning process. Children who have trouble seeing or interpreting what they see will often have trouble with their schoolwork. Many times, children will not complain of vision problems simply because they don't know what "normal" vision looks like. If your child performs poorly at school or exhibits a reading or learning disability, be sure to have his eyes examined by an eye doctor.


At Roopam Spects World, after sales service is given utmost priority, we have a dedicated team of people who are engaged in repairs & adjustments for our customers. The Services you can avail are: Changing your Nose Pads. The Nose Pads are pads that rest on your nose.These need to be kept clean and tidy at all times in order to avoid marks on the nose. Once they are dirty, kindly get the frames to us and we will change them for you. It is important that a frame is not misaligned. You can get your spectacles aligned from time to time to ensure perfect comfort / fitting and vision. Soldering This is done for frames that are broken, however these are only temporary measures. Once a frame is broken, it is better to get it changed. Soldering may or may not work for many frames.