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About us

About Managing Director

ROOPAM SPECTS WORLD was established in the year 2015 by Mr.M.NAVEEN (Managing Director) has 16 years experience in this field. Backed by decades of profound optical know-how, Roopam Spects World has now over 1 year decades recorded a loyal customer base. Our deep commitment to customer care, immense and undying passion for delivering high quality eyewear, backed by top class technological expertise have all made ROOPAM SPECTS WORLD the finest optical house ever. ROOPAM SPECTS WORLD is now exclusive showroom and also a member of Platine Optic which is a part of India’s best independent opticians. Our showrooms boast of state of the vision clinic for precision vision testing and contact lens dispensing. At Roopam Spects World, we have been changing constantly with times, May it be with regard to our products, services, vision testing or our soothing store interiors. It has always been our constant effort to bring the best available eye care to Tirupati. We boast of being the trend setters in the Tirupati market and also have the variety that none others have.



To become the leading optical service provider by offering quality product to the customer with a view to achieve customer satisfaction.


As specialized retailers, we dispense custom-made spectacles using products from the world’s best manufacturers. Our range of eyewear include spectacle frames, spectacles lenses, contact lenses, sunglasses, contact lens care solutions, accessories etc. We specialize in products like progressives, high index lenses, polarized lenses, anti-reflection lenses and photochromatic lenses and prescription sunglasses.

Mr.M.NAVEEN (Managing Director)
Roopam Spects World, Tirupati